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“Defense lawyers are key in promoting the idea that many convicted of child abuse are innocent.”

 Bethany Brand

Hi, I’m Glen Canning and welcome to my site. I live in Toronto, Canada, and write about my life, my daughter Rehtaeh Parsons, and sexual violence.  More on me is here and more about Rae is here or on her web site.

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Rehtaeh Anne Parsons

Rehtaeh Parsons

Rehtaeh Parsons ended her life on the 7th of April, 2013, following a gang sexual assault at a home located in Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia, Canada. None of the four males who raped her were held accountable for their actions despite photographing the assault and bragging about what they did to her.

You can visit Rehtaeh’s memorial Facebook page here – Angel Rehtaeh.

Rehtaeh’s story is not unique. Having spoken to many high schools students since her death I would say there is a Rehtaeh Parsons in every school in the country.

Rehtaeh’s page is here.

Rehtaeh Anne Parsons