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Brave Miss World

Brave Miss World is the story of Linor Abargil. At the age of 18 she was abducted, stabbed, and raped in Milan, Italy. Six weeks later she represented Israel in the Miss World competition and won. “After being crowned Miss World, the story of my rape was uncovered by the Italian press. The next day the affair was reported in ...

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The Rest

More rape culture language


A couple of days ago I wrote a short piece about the language of rape culture and how an article published by the Washington Post used words that make sexual assaulting children seem more like a “sexual encounter” between consenting adults. A friend of mine forwarded another article, posted by the Calgary Herald, with a headline that grossly diminishes the ...

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Fixing the language of rape culture


There’s no such thing as non-consensual sex. You either had consensual sex, or you committed rape. Feminist Erin Matson did some editing on a Washington Post article about the recent charges against Jared Fogle. Her handiwork is below. Jared Fogle did not plan his business travel around repeated ‘sexual encounters’ with underage girls. He planned his business travel so he ...

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Written in ink


The Las Vegas’ “What Happens Here, Stays Here” slogan is one of the more famous taglines in marketing and one of the most quoted, talked about, and recognized ad campaigns in history. If we could come up with a similar tagline for the Internet it could be something like “What you put online, stays online.” You can delete and erase ...

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I’m going start a weekly podcast that will be called The Audio Blog. The name comes from a radio show I did in college a few years ago. My podcasts will include interviews with sexual assault advocates, survivors, feminists, justice system workers, heroes, youth workers, etc. I’m excited about podcasting and I hope you’ll get something positive out of it. ...

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To the Man Who Hurt Me


“To the Man Who Hurt Me” was originally published June 18, 2015, on Beauty from Scars and is shared with permission from the author. This is a letter to a man who betrayed her trust and victimized her through manipulation and fear. At her request, this letter has been anonymously published to protect her identity. To the Man Who Hurt ...

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