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Facing 16 Years In Prison For Videotaping Police

Maryland State trooper

The ACLU of Maryland is defending Anthony Graber, who faces as much as sixteen years in prison if found guilty of violating state wiretap laws because he recorded video of an officer drawing a gun during a traffic stop. Graber posted a video of the incident online and once the Maryland State Police learned of it, Graber’s parents’ house was raided, searched, and four of his computers were confiscated. Graber was arrested, booked, and jailed. According to David Rocah, the ACLU attorney handling Mr. Graber’s case, ‘To charge Graber with violating the law, you would have to conclude that a police officer on a public road, wearing a badge and a uniform, performing his official duty, pulling someone over, somehow has a right to privacy when it comes to the conversation he has with the motorist.’

Carlos Miller, over at Photography is Not a Crime, has a good write up about this.

Here are a factsheet (PDF) on the case from the ACLU of Maryland, and the video at issue:

ABC2 News investigative reporter, Brian Kuebler, filed this report:

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