//The new journalism and the G20

The new journalism and the G20

I just read over this article from the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). It’s titled ‘The new journalism and the G20’ and is written by Ira Basen. The article is about the G20 Summit that just took place in Toronto, Canada. A sticking point of it is how the police handled themselves and how some journalists felt they were singled out.

One point that stood out to me in Basens article was this, “Perhaps the best way of understanding police behaviour at this juncture is to recognize that almost everyone in that crowd had some sort of camera-equipped mobile device, which meant that, in the minds of the police, almost everyone was a potential journalist. That meant they could either give special treatment to everyone or to no one. They chose no one.

Sounds fair enough. Basen adds that the “explosion of social media over the past few years has changed the face of journalism. And almost all of those changes have been positive. The democratization of media, the ability of people who were previously denied a voice in the mainstream to now have their voices heard is undeniably a cause for celebration.

“But the actions of the Toronto police during the G20 summit have exposed what is perhaps an unintended consequence of this new media reality: When everyone is a journalist, no one is a journalist.

Food for thought. Comments?

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