HDR Video A Reality

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This video effect highlights several clips made using a High Dynamic Range (HDR) process. The video was captured on two Canon 5D mark II DSLRs, each capturing the exact same subject via a beam splitter. The cameras are configured so that they record different exposure values, e.g., one camera is overexposed, the other underexposed. After the footage has been recorded, a variety of HDR processing tools were used to combine the video from the two cameras, yielding the clips you see below.

HDR Video provides filmmakers with many exciting new opportunities. Not only can HDR video create interesting effects, it can also allow for even exposure where artificial lighting is unavailable or impractical. For example, when a subject is backlit, one camera could be set to properly expose the subject, the other the sky, resulting in video with perfect exposure throughout.

This piece was put together by Soviet Montage Productions in San Francisco.


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