//The Future of Social Media in Journalism

The Future of Social Media in Journalism

As a big believer in the power of social media I had to post something about the latest Mashable article. Author Vadim Lavrusik writes that the “future of social media in journalism will see the death of ‘social media.’ That is, all media as we know it today will become social, and feature a social component to one extent or another. After all, much of the web experience, particularly in the way we consume content, is becoming social and personalized.

Journalist and Knight Digital Center consultant Michele Mclellan states that in today’s world “much of the news has become a conversation, and journalists are being required to do as much listening to the community as they broadcast to them. The voices in the community were always there, but were often lost at neighborhood meetings and forums. Now, many of these conversations are taking place online, and journalists will more than ever need to think from the start of their reporting about what conversations need to take place as well as what platforms will foster those conversations, …”

This is a great read for those following the path the media will take in the future. Social, interactive, engaged, open, and connected. I for one welcome it all.

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