Little Bunch of Madmen

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I ordered this book last month and have been reading it over since it arrived. This is one of those books you’ll read twice, at least. Maybe a third or fourth time to highlight the parts you’ll want to remember. It’s much more than a story or a textbook. Calling it a Bible might be a bit much but it’s close. If you work in the field of journalism you’ll want to pick up this book. You can order one here from my Amazon account or find another way to get it. Just make sure you do.

Product Description

Interest groups prepackage faux-news from skewed points of view. Governments bypass pesky reporters to go straight to the public. Errors and plain lies stand unchecked and unchallenged. In a time when lines are so blurred between real reporting and distant guesswork, trusted foreign correspondents are more vital than ever. Journalists abroad must aim for accuracy and acute observation, while people back home need help making sense of their dispatches. This book is for both groups: It is a field guide for reporters and a manual for citizens who want to follow world news that matters. Along with rip-roaring tales and wise advice from other veteran correspondents, Mort Rosenblum draws on 40 years of experience to bring reality into focus and guide reporters on how to get close to their stories and come back safely. This is crucial, Rosenblum concludes, because free societies cannot afford the inevitable costs of shutting their eyes in a perilous world.


A rare blend of great storytelling and pure wisdom, Little Bunch of Madmen is the best thing yet written about the state of modern journalism by one of its few true living masters, and every reporter working today should go out and buy it and read it.“—Jon Lee Anderson, staff writer, The New Yorker

This is a hell of a lot more than another journalism textbook. It offers valuable lessons on the craft, but it is really a journey of a lifetime in international reporting and an invitation to a new generation to venture out in the world and do the work that needs to be done. It comes from a great reporter who knows that the best of journalism requires one simple axiom: ground truth. You have to be there on the ground to get the story.“—Charles M. Sennott, executive editor, GlobalPost

Incisive thinking, ethical passion, and sharp wit permeate this compelling book. As an educator and former journalist, I am immensely thankful. It fuses wisdom, insight, and expert advice for what hopefully will be a new generation of intelligent, avid, and risk-taking journalists. Written by a uniquely crazy, courageous, and irascible veteran, the reminiscences are compelling, the thrusts on target.”—Sherman Teichman, director, Institute for Global Leadership, Tufts University

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