//Egypt Protests via Social Media

Egypt Protests via Social Media

BBC Network Africa’s Akwasi Sarpong spoke to freelance video journalist, Mohammed Abdul Fatah, who was arrested after being caught up in protests in Egypt’s second city of Alexandria.

Much of what is happening in Egypt is being censored. Freelance journalist Mohamed Abdelfattah said to the CBC Tuesday’s protests in Alexandria, in northern Egypt, began with an invitation on Facebook to about 400,000 followers:

“It started as a handful of political activists from various political trends who started marching carrying Egyptian flags through neighbourhoods in eastern Alexandria… continued to gain momentum for the following two to three hours until we had a massive scene … I have never witnessed… continued until 7 p.m. when … the number was at least from 10,000 to 15,000 people from all walks of life.”

Egypt bans protests amid deadly clashes

Update 10:51 AT: 1worldcitizen Ken O’Keefe – The Situation is DRASTIC in #Egypt full #censorship is in action right now. HELP IS NEEDED NOW! #Sidibouzid #Jan25 #OpEgypt

Reports coming out of Egypt claim Facebook and Twitter are now blocked.

UStream still has a live feed of the protests.

Results for #jan25

naavyyk: We are all Khaled Said. a young man brutally tortured and killed by police in Alexandria http://on.fb.me/hv9LFn

bencnn: Can hear what sounds like tear gas being fired near Ramsis Street #many plainclothed policeman attacking cameraman.

Free Egypt on YouTube.

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