Should You Work for Free

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This is beautiful! Anyone in this business, shooting video or stills, has probably been asked to work for free. I’ve been asked more times than I can count and it’s sad knowing someone down the line will actually take up that offer. Well, here’s a handy flow chart to help you decide if you should or shouldn’t work for free. My guidelines are simple; if it’s a *business than no. If it’s a **charity than maybe.

* Not including internships. You get something out of an internship (if you picked it well). Maybe even a job. You get nothing out of working for free except a bad feeling when you see your work being used to earn revenue for someone that didn’t pay you for it.

** Charities are revenue dependant. If it’s a local shelter or group than I’m open to helping out. If they own a Lear Jet or pay an executive more money on the first day of the year than I’ll make during the other 364 the answers no.


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