//The Power of Video

The Power of Video

Ohio newspaper web producer Doral Chenoweth has shown the power of video and the difference it can make. Chenoweth figured panhandler Ted Williams, 53, would make a good local-interest story, but never imagined he’d become an Internet sensation and his video would go viral on YouTube with over 11 million hits and counting. It went up January 3rd, that has to be some kind of record.

Chenoweth provided an update to the story and it does have a happy ending. Williams has had job offers pouring in and has appeared on the CBS Early Show. He says “I’m gonna bew going to New York, hopefully this afternoon… I apologize. I’m getting a little emotional. I haven’t seen my mom in a great deal of time. She doesn’t believe (what’s been happening to me). She’s 92. She lives in Brooklyn. I was born and raised in Brooklyn. … One of my biggest prayers that I sent out was that she would live long enough for me to see me rebound or whatever, and I guess God kept her around and kept my pipes around to maybe just have one more shot that I would be able to say, ‘Mom, I did do it before,’ — I might pass away before her or whatever, but my dad didn’t get a chance to see this. But God is good.

Chenoweth passes along this bit of advice that we should all carry with us – “My request to all. Whenever you run across a story such as this, don’t assume it’ll take a life of its own, on its own. It won’t. It can’t. There are too many other stories that drown out the one before it. You need to spend time to get that story and its word out to many. If you care, you’ll do it. Keep the faith, pay forward and always lend a hand; even if you’re the one who needs it.

Original story from the Columbus Dispatch.

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