//When Cameras are Everywhere

When Cameras are Everywhere

When it comes to CCTV surveillance in public places Canada’s not quite as up there as  the UK . That’s not to say there aren’t cameras everywhere like they seem to be in the Bourne Trilogy. But today everyone has one. I never leave the house without mine because, like most people, it’s there on my cellphone (iPhone). Two recent events in Canada have highlighted just how prolific video cameras are and how they can record some rather shocking events. I use the word shocking because usually when a video gets national attention it’s because it reveals something bad. The Robert Dziekanski video shot by Paul Pritchard is probably the best example of this in Canada. Pritchard’s video not only shows a man being killed but it went on to expose a serious flaw in how police officers investigate themselves. You can read more about that here but in a nut shell the police officers involved in his death gave justifications for their actions that were polar opposites of what the video showed.

The more recent recording is an iPhone video shot by Castanet Media’s Kelly Hayes. The reporter happened to be on the scene of the arrest and got out of his car just as a man was being ordered to ground by an RCMP officer. The officer in this instant may be facing assault charges and you can read more on this incident here.

The second video resulted in B.C.’s police complaint commissioner ordering a public hearing into allegations that two Abbotsford, B.C., police officers used excessive force in an arrest of two men suspected of making a drug deal. More information on that incident is available via the CBC.

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