Using online video to explain elections

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Here in Canada we’ll be heading to the polls this Monday and the winner (?) will go on to run the country. Under our Parliamentary system the party with the most seats gets to form the government and the party leader takes the seat as Prime Minister. What this means in numbers is that we’ll be governed by politicians 70% of us voted against. The last election saw the lowest level of support of any winning party in Canadian history. Sad isn’t it?

Putting voter apathy aside, is there a better way? My friend Adam Westbrook worked on a pet project over the Easter weekend and put together a rather helpful video “to cut through the crap and explain First Past the Post and Alternative Vote properly.

Adam says this “explainer is the pilot of a bigger project on explaining the news I’m starting this spring,” and it’s inspired by the work of Jay Rosen’s Studio20 program in New York City.

He adds that he thinks “online video has huge potential to simplify a complicated topic and engage people with the issue, in fact, I believe video can do this better than any other medium.

Give his project a visit and leave a comment if you like his idea or if you have another. Personally it gets tiring watching politicians parade themselves around as winners when in fact they more closely represent the biggest loser.

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