//‘Helicopter hovering above Abbottabad’

‘Helicopter hovering above Abbottabad’

I am JUST a tweeter, awake at the time of the crash. Not many twitter users in Abbottabad, these guys are more into facebook. That’s all.” – Sohaib Athar

It started off innocently enough, “Helicopter hovering above Abbottabad at 1AM (is a rare event).” But what Sohaib Athar didn’t know was that he was about to become an international eyewitness to what surely will be one of the years most newsworthy events, the death of Osama Bin Laden.

According to Athars Twitter profile he’s an “IT consultant taking a break from the rat-race by hiding in the mountains with his laptops.” This undoubtedly isn’t quite what he had in mind for a relaxing break. He last post as of this writing is “Osama is dead. I didn’t kill him. Please let me sleep now.” It’s unlikely Athar is going to get any rest soon, I checked into his Twitter account this morning when he had just over 26,00 followers. Now it’s over 29,000 and counting. Actually a quick refresh put it over 30,000. Ah, the joys of social media!

I grabbed some of Athar’s Tweets and put them in order from the earliest to the latest. This isn’t a complete picture of the Tweets he did only the ones I thought were better representative of the event as it unfolded.

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  1. Glen Canning May 3, 2011 at 1:01 am

    82,000 followers!!!!! In one day!

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