When reporting is illegal in Canada

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Ah, election time! I went down to the polling station with my wife Krista after work today and we cast our ballots. It’s a great feeling being able to do that and have a shot at forming our next government (even if we usually end up ruled by a party 60% of us voted against). Democracy can be wonderful if not a little confusing. It was nice to see the 18 year old student show up when we were there to vote for the first time. I hope she returns every election and remembers the fight going on in country’s around the world for that very privilege.

But not all is well here in Canada. I still can’t post or report on the results in my home province. The fine is $25,000. See there’s this ridiculous little law, enacted eight decades ago, that prohibits the transmission of the results of any poll to people who have not yet voted. That’s from the radio days for anyone who’s counting. It’s a stupid law allowed to live on by politicians with little faith in the people they govern and no respect for what makes a country great.

Some of us have found some pretty creative ways around it though:

On the other hand there was some hope tweettheresults.ca was going to stand up and fight the law but after a little reflection they decided on this instead:

Maybe next time! At least I voted. Hope you do to if you can and fight to if you can’t.


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