//Rory Peck Awards 2011

Rory Peck Awards 2011

The Rory Peck Trust was established in 1995, two years after freelance cameraman Rory Peck was killed in a crossfire while filming the battle for Ostankino TV Centre in Moscow. It was set up by his wife, Juliet and close friends to provide the help for freelancers and their families that nobody else would give. They also established the Rory Peck Awards to honour the work of freelance news cameramen and women.

Freelancers are essential to newsgathering. Working independently, they are often the first to report on stories, and situations that inform and affect our lives – sometimes at great risk to their own safety. Many have no support when things go wrong.

There are 3 competitive awards:

  • The Rory Peck Award for News
  • The Rory Peck Award for Features
  • The Sony Professional Impact Award

More information on the Rory Peck Awards can be found here. Good luck!

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