No question gear in this industry is expensive. I dread the day a camera heads to the graveyard or an unknown ($$$) repair shop and money needs to be forked over for a new one or a costly fix. Thankfully there’s plenty of companies around willing to help out with a wide assortment of rain gear and rubber guards but I learned yet again that protective gear is only as useful as the operator ignoring it.

Case in point I broke my iPhone again!! AGAIN!!! You’d think I would have learned after Hurricane Earl killed one last summer but no, I didn’t. I did buy the right protective stuff, just didn’t use it. Why? Lazy, indifferent, not thinking something could happen. So here I am waiting for an e-mail reply from a guy saying he can fix the glass/LCD screen and feeling…. not the brightest.

It was just a quick walk with my dog Ozzy. Just down the street and back before the hockey game started. We no sooner got to the bottom of my front stairs when I heard it hit the road. Not that far of a drop either. Didn’t have to be for glass impacting rock. Unbelievable!!!!

Here it is after the drop:

And here it is in a great rubber cover I bought to protect it if I ever dropped it while walking my dog Ozzy:

And here it is in an awesome rain cover my wife Krista bought me for Christmas last year after iPhone One died in the rain (that’s the incident you would have thought I learned a lesson from):

Anyway, I’m just ranting here. Mad at myself and feeling that feeling you get when a careless simple action leads to an unnecessary repair bill. Guy says he can fix it for about $100. That’s the same price as a new camcorder battery I’ve been thinking of picking up for my Ireland trip next week. Ironically it’s also very close to the amount of money I made yesterday selling some redundant gear on Kijiji. Easy come, easy go!

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