//Commercial Shoot

Commercial Shoot

Lately I’ve found myself with some free time and not being one who enjoys sitting around I decided to try my luck with rounding up some commercial work. First I honed my script writing skills and planned ahead for how to shoot a commercial video. Doesn’t seem to hard if you’re already familiar with lighting, audio, and video. My plan is to hit the social media market and offer video as something that can be implemented with a web site rather than television. Video online is booming so might as well get off on the right foot and go where the money is, supposedly.

I targeted small businesses with a 20/30/60 second promo and placed an ad on Kijiji here in Halifax and in no time picked up my first client. Had a meeting to plan the shot, went over a script, they shared their needs, I shared my knowledge on what works and what doesn’t, and we were off to the races. I came over and did some shooting for a couple hours, spent an hour editing to the script, and bingo! WEBmmercial in the bag.

I’ll be giving this some serious time this summer between shooting my doc and working on other productions. The money is good, the hours are mine, and best of all this offers me some independence and I love that. I’ve own and operated a small business before and remember it’s not all fun and games. Making commercials is a completely different world than news or documentary shooting so my next step is to draw up a good contract and market, market, market.

I also found a great resource for commercial shooting over at the New York Video School. Lots of helpful information about the business of shooting for money.

Hope you’re having a great day!

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