23 Steps for Growing a Twitter Following

in Social Media

Jericho Technology has shared an important guide for any business hoping to build a following via Twitter. At 23 steps the guide is pretty comprehensive but give it a read here. You’ll be glad you did.

Required Steps

1. If you are using Twitter for business exposure, you must have a website and a blog that is Social Media-enabled, compelling and useful to your audience. After all, if you are going to exert substantial effort to build a following, it is only logical to create and maintain a web presence that commands their attention when they arrive.

2. We recommend not to advertise on your website. Unless your following – and the resulting web traffic to your site – is enormous, the pennies you will earn from display ads is hardly worth it. Especially since this will give the impression to your followers upon their first visit that you are trying to monetize them. Many formidable Social Media experts would disagree with this point, so use your best judgment and get feedback from your following before you advertise. The one exception to this rule is when you have something of intrinsic value to your followers. For example, we believe that the Thesis theme for WordPress is hugely valuable when building Social Media websites, and recommend it strongly.


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