//7 Billion and Counting

7 Billion and Counting

The UN’s forecasters have estimated that Oct. 31 is the day world’s population will pass the 7 billion mark. 7 Billion relatively hairless bipods with binocular vision! Wow! We reached 1 Billion around 1800 A.D. and 2 Billion in 1930. We’re expected to cross the 8 Billion threshold in 12 years going by the present birth rate of 200,000 per day. The BBC’s Fergus Walsh crunches some numbers here.

Where are you in the scheme of things? According the this neat thing at the BBC I was the 3,204,126,442nd person on earth when I was born and the 77,004,694,235th person to have lived since history began. I’m not sure what they’re using to judge history though. Neanderthal or Homo Erectus?

Either way that’s a lot of people and it’s going to create some serious problem for mankind. In the year 2100 A.D. there will be 16 Billion humans on earth and a third of the planet will be desert due to global warming. A sad state of affairs considering many of us live under governments who care little about anything other than getting rich and getting re-elected.

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