//Blogging on a Mac

Blogging on a Mac

Me at Second Cup I’ve been blogging steadily on a few sites now for about ten years. Recently I’ve decided to concentrate on just one blog (this one) and I’m going to try out some software options in the hope that it will make posting easier. I use WordPress as a blogging client and host it under my domain. Having to be connected to write/publish has it’s down side, namely not being connected, and there is some software kicking around that will allow me to write whenever I am.

For example, I’m sitting in Second Cup now enjoying a brew and surfing around some of my favourite sites hoping to find something that will stir up a decent blog entry. But lets say I was on an assignment and it was going to be a couple hours of sitting in my car (usual news assignment) or at a different coffee shop, that I won’t mention, and they charge ridiculous Internet access fees? Now what? I could use Pages and just copy & paste an entry later, easy enough I guess. Or I could format a post, give it a category, Tag it, add some media, and then save it as a draft that just needs a connection to be published as it is. It can even do that automatically with the right software. Sounds much better.

So today I’ve started a 30 day free trial of MarsEdit 3The best way to write, preview, and publish your blog. So far, as of this post, I really like it. It’s easy to use and was a breeze to set up. If you see an image of MarsEdit below this than the media feature worked great too:

MarsEdit 3

Looks like it’s there on this draft. I’ll published this in a minute and see what it looks like. One thing I don’t like is that my images have to be in the Pictures folder. I usually keep my web site media in a separate folder. I’m going to add a thumbnail now of me in the coffee shop in front of my MacBook.

I’ll update you on how posting goes with MarsEdit but so far I really like it. It’s more like writing and less like blogging.

Enjoy the day and share some love in the comments.

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  1. Glen Canning October 25, 2011 at 8:40 pm

    Edited a typo with WordPress for iPhone. That’s a writing option to although I doubt I’ll be posting much with this little keyboard.

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