//Living in Halifax

Living in Halifax

The are many reasons why I love living in Halifax. It’s safe, it has a good culture, and it has lots of caring people. My family first came here in 1753 from Ireland. At least we think that’s where we came from, the ship has a foggy history but it did stop over in Cork to pick up a few extra souls for the voyage to the new world and my dad traced our roots there.

I came here in 1981 when I joined the Navy (the Royal Canadian Navy now) and have lived here ever since except for a year long stay in Victoria and eight months in Florida. I haven’t really had any problems – a bar fight when I was younger, a night in the drunk tank (I mentioned the Navy right), a neighbour issue once, and of course sometimes the traffic sucks and it gets the better of me. Overall, not bad for thirty years.

Anyway, I’m writing this little love note to Halifax after me and Krista (my wonderful wife) got caught in the pouring rain this morning when we were out for a morning walk into town. Hurricane Ophelia is heading up the coast and even though we knew that we chanced getting wet for the sake of a good early stroll. Sure enough, at Quinpool and Oxford someone offered us a drive. We declined but what a way to make our morning.


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