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I’ve tried countless lists apps hoping to find just the right one for my tastes. The criteria was simple, it had to work so I’d use it. Some of the ones I went through reminded my of my days working with Microsoft Access – I just need to add an appointment, not create a database for my life.

My Lists by PAZE Interactive turned out to be the perfect fit. It’s simple and intuitive and therefore I use it. Entering, manipulating, and finding information is easy. Perfect for your GTD needs! I use the icons as a category and add to do items under them. So for the car icon I’ve entered winter tires, checkup, and window washer fluid. I find this is better than using three car icons and cluttering up the main screen. It shows as 3/3 beside the car so I know there’s three items to do.


– Search functionality which searches both item titles and descriptions.
– Search based on status by searching for the terms “checked” and “unchecked”
– Email backup of individual lists
– Email text versions of individual lists (network connection not required to share lists)
– Export or backup all lists from the settings menu within the app
– Visual count of checked items in list title
– Reorder lists alphabetically or based on checked/unchecked
– Manually order list items in “Edit” mode
– Check or uncheck all items
– Delete lists or items with a swipe

My Lists sells for $1.99. Give it a try if finding the right Get Thing Done app has been a chore in itself.

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