//App of the Week – SportsTracker

App of the Week – SportsTracker

I’m going to give this a try. Every week I’ll post an App of the Week. This will be my take on some of the apps I use on a regular basis or have used in the past.

This weeks app is SportsTracker. I first downloaded this app as a way to keep track of how far I walk. Walking is something I try to do everyday as a way to stay in shape and sometimes I’m out for hours. SportsTracker keeps track of the distance I travel, calories burned, average speed, and it keeps a running visual tab on my route via GPS. Once I’m done I can upload all the information to an online diary to analyze and store it.

Sports Tracker was developed by a “passionate team of mobile experts and outdoor enthusiasts” in Finland. They have users in over 200 countries and if you join their online community you can share your workouts and photos with friends and other similar-minded people via their web site, Facebook and Twitter. Can’t say I tried the social media aspect of it but it looks good if you had the right reasons (like a running club or hiking group).

SportsTracker runs in the background so you can multitask with other apps. It does a great job and I’m sure you’ll find it useful if tracking your workouts or activity is something you need to do.

SportsTracker is FREE.

Need to see some more? Check out their YouTube video:

Enjoy your week and leave a comment.

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