//Genius in Kijiji Advertising

Genius in Kijiji Advertising

Humour mixed with the right amount of social media sharing can bring some pretty good results for even the simpliest of ads. This Kijiji ad from Moncton, NB, is hilarious! The seller, Weh-Ming Cho, is enticing a buyer for an 11-HP, 29-inch snowblower. He did an interview with yousuckatkijiji.com you can listen to here.

Let’s face it, we live in a place that attracts snow like Magnetic Hill attracts cars, only that ain’t an illusion out there. That’s 12 inches of snow piling up and, oh, what’s that sound? Why it’s the snow plow and it’s here to let you know that it hates you and all the time you spent to shovel your driveway.

Cho is an office worker from Moncton, and he’s been inundated with e-mails — as many as two-to-three a minute — since the post went viral. At the time of this posting his ad has 222,941 views. Not bad for a snowblower.

Something light to get you off to a good weekend!

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