//App of the Week – Capture

App of the Week – Capture

As much as I like the iPhone’s camera the app has a serious shortcoming. If you see something and need to quickly record it good luck. It takes to long to open the camera app, set it to video, hit record, and wait for the camera to start saving footage. Capture does away with most of those steps. As soon as you hit the Capture app icon the camera starts recording video. Hitting the home button stops it and your video is saved to your gallery. It’s a very simple app and does exactly what it says it will and not much more. There’s no bells and whistles to bog everything down.


  • Quickly start recording video with a single tap
  • Avoid distractions with minimal UI
  • Allows you to leave the default camera app on Photo mode
  • Focus on tap or auto-focus
  • Grid lines
  • Lock camera orientation

Capture is $0.99 from the App Store.

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