//App of the Week – Shazam

App of the Week – Shazam

I won’t ask if you’ve ever done this because we all have. Sitting in a restaurant or standing somewhere and you hear a song you really like but have no idea who it’s by or you can’t remember. Well, this weeks app solves that problem for you. Shazam is a stroke of genius. Just start it up and hold it towards the speaker playing the music you want to identify. In seconds you’ll have the artist and track title.

It works great and it’s one of those apps you’ll love using. The first time I tried it I was hooked. From the Tag Details you can buy the song right on the spot, check out the artists YouTube videos, get upcoming concert details, read the lyrics, and share it with friends via Twitter.

It doesn’t always identify the artists so some of the less mainstream recordings or live performances might not be available. I noticed using it in a crowded noisy room might interfere with it’s ability to function as well. I have used it in restaurants and it worked fine.

Shazam is a multiplatform app that is available for iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, Android, and some other devices.

Shazam is free at the App Store.

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