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Cellphone etiquette

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I live in fear this will happen to me although that fear is what keeps me aware of my surroundings. It happens all the time – the dreaded cell phone ring. During a meeting, a movie, a play, etc. At the movies is my peeve and I’ve heard one go off at a play before. The only thing worse then a cell phone ringing in places it shouldn’t is the awful ignorance someone would posses to actually answer it. I’ve heard that before too.

Imagine how it would have felt if your cell went off at the New York Philharmonic! Imagine if they stopped the show and confronted you for it? Ouch!

The conductor, Alan Gilbert, halted the performance. He reportedly asked the gentleman whether it would go off again. The gentleman replied that it wouldn’t. Gilbert then reportedly addressed the audience: “I apologize. Usually, when there’s a disturbance like this, it is best to ignore it, because addressing it is sometimes worse than the disturbance itself. But this was so egregious that I could not allow it.”

It was handled a little differently during a performance at the Orthodox Jewish synagogue in Presov, Slovakia.

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Here’s a few rules to live/text/call/mute by thanks to cellphones.org:

Cell Phone Etiquette
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