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Whenever I open Safari or check e-mail on my iPhone the connection settings will open and show me a list of available wi-fi networks. Depending on my location the list can actually be quite long and sometimes reading what people have decided to call their networks can be pretty funny. Last year Mashable did a story on funny wi-fi names with ‘Police Surveillance Van 2‘ at the top of their list. My favorite was ‘Use This One Mom‘ because you just know what the story behind it is.

I got in the habit for some reason of capturing network names if they looked interesting. Usually they were boring default modem names like these:

And sometimes the names given to the networks I saw were pretty obvious. Especially if I was walking around Halifax’s downtown core:

Or more to the point:

My network name is below. Naming your network after yourself seems to be a popular choice:

Also popular is animals and generic everyday things:

And then there’s these gems I screen grabbed from around town:

My all time favorite network was in Ireland for obvious reasons:

This morning I found a link on Twitter for WTF WiFi. They have a growing list of submitted wi-fi names as well as a blog for posting the story behind the names.

Have a favorite name? Feel free to share it in the comments. Have a great day!


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