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Podcamp is here once again and I’ll be updating this post as the day goes on.

2012 is the fourth year the popular event is taking place in Halifax and this year’s line up of events looks very promising. Podcamp Halifax was founded by Ryan Deschamps, Jon McGinley and Craig Moore and first launched 2009.

“A Podcamp is meant to have an open, participatory, user-generated series of presentations, discussions, or workshops. The people who attend are the presenters. In typical unconference style, audience members are encouraged to make the most of the experience by following their interests and allowing the conversation to flow both in and outside of the presentations.”

First up for me is ‘OccupyNS and the use of social media in the Occupy movement‘ by Andrew D Wright. The Occupy movement became the number one news story in 2011 in no small part due to its use of social media.

08:31 – Time for a coffee!

Ahhh… sync WordPress with my iPhone!! It’s all good.

08:45 – Two if By Sea has some delicious crossants here!

09:03 – crowd still streaming in!

09:25 – opening remarks.

Session 1

OccupyNS and the use of social media in the Occupy movement‘ by Andrew D Wright

This was an informative overview of the Occupy movement in Nova Scotia. What happened, why it happened, and what the future holds. Occupy NS still meets weekly in Halifax and is active in many social issues. The movement is ‘a “democtaric awakening in response to an out of control Plutocracy”‘ and it would have been impossible if not for social media the tools technology put in the hands of everyday people.

10:18 – a quick coffee and on to Establishing a Respected Online Presence with Social Media by Jeff MacArthur.

Session 2

Jeff provided some great examples of using social media to draw people in as well as repeal them. Geting some great links to check out later.

IceRocket – an Internet search engine which specializes in real-time search.
sproutsocial – a social media management tool created to help businesses find new customers & grow their social media presence.
seesmic – connects you wherever you are. Keep up with all of your personal and professional networks, anywhere, anytime.

Best Practices

1. Listen –
2. Add value – give back!
3. Keep it human – talk to people like they are your friends.
4. Be authentic, honest, and correct – avoid marketing speak.
5. Be consistent
6. Negative feedback is ok – how you deal with it can be the problem.
7. Be part of the community – attend events like Podcamp.
8. Tell a story –
9. Make a commitment – don’t start what you can’t finish.
10. Track your accomplishments – Twitter follows, Facebook likes, etc.

11:30 – a little break and a talk about the White Point Beach resort fire and the role of social media.

Session 3

Be prepared! Social Media on Fire, the White Point Story by Donna Hatt.

Donna’s talk is very personal. She works at White Point Beach and found out via Facebook and a web cam that the resort was burning.

12:00 – lunch time and my favorite close by pub is closed for renos! Sadly the Subway for me. Oh well!

13:00 – in the theatre now for a keynote by Julien Smith.

Session 4

This is the one I’m looking forward too. Podcasting: Put Yourself Out There! by Joel Duggan & Lara Killian. They are going to discuss the basics of podcasting as well as the opportunities available by putting yourself on the “air ways”. Sounds very cool and podcasting (vidcasting) is something I’ve been giving some thought too.

Some of the links mentioned in the podcasting session I need to check out:

ambermac.com – follow her Google Plus page too.

Best tip for podcasting is the same tip offered for everything you do online and with social media – be yourself, be authentic, be honest. Encourage feedback.

Closing Session

A huge thanks to everyone who presented and all the wonderful sponsors of Podcamp 2012. I can’t imagine having my name drawn for an iPad and not being present.

See you next year.




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