//Video: Lego Man in Space

Video: Lego Man in Space

“After endless hours of hard work,” Toronto teens Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad, both 17, captured stunning views of the earths atmosphere and put a ‘Lego’ man holding a Canadian flag and attached to a weather balloon into near space!

The pair managed to capture the entire $500 80,000 foot 97 minute journey into the blackness using four point and shoot Canon cameras.

Spending four months of Saturdays on the project, the teenagers launched the professionally made weather balloon from a football field. It then soared to more than 24km into the upper atmosphere from where the Earth’s curvature was captured by the cameras.

Having attached a GPS enabled cell phone to the styrofoam box carrying the cameras and Lego-naut, the two managed to recover the bundle attached to a hand-stitched parachute from a field 122km from the launch site.

The teens say a full video of the building process, launch and retrieval is in the making.



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