//Shooting with Film

Shooting with Film

I’ve always thought it would be cool to go old school when it comes to producing a video film. It would be difficult to do given film cameras and film in general is getting harder and harder to find. Especially 35mm cameras and the hundreds of feet they need for just a few minites of shooting. Not to mention it would be rather expensive.

So my solution was simple – join a film co-op. In this case the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative, or AFCOOP as they liked to be called. AFCOOP is a member-run arts-centre for the production and presentation of creative films in a collaborative, learning environment.

AFCOOP’s Objectives are to:

  • Provide assistance to members for the production of independent, non-commercial films
  • Provide facilities and instruction for the training of filmmakers
  • Provide film-related programming within the community.

AFCOOP was founded in 1973 when 17 ambitious artists gathered for drinks at the Seahorse Tavern and someone came up with the idea of establishing a filmmakers’ co-operative in Halifax. More than thirty years later, AFCOOP is the oldest film co-op in English-speaking Canada. Hundreds of films have been created with AFCOOP’s help and their members have received national and international recognition for their work.

So, for someone like me wanting to learn how to shoot old school film AFCOOP is the perfect place to go. They run what’s called a FILM 5 Trainee Program. This is a hands-on training program for aspiring technical crew with workshops in production, directing, grip, lighting, sound, and camera operator. Wanting to be involved with cameras I choose the Camera Assistant program and the courses:

  • 35mm Cameras: Part I
  • 35 Cameras: Part II
  • Camera Assistants’ Intensive

In the first two courses I had the opportunity to set up an ARRIFLEX 35-3 and an ARRIFLEX BL. These are two of the more common 35mm film cameras. The next course is a two day Camera Assistants’ Intensive and it will cover such topics as the  working relationship with the DOP, focus pulling, loading mags,  filters  and  lenses,  film  stocks  and inventory.

The best part is that I’ll be able to participate in the production of a 5 minute short film that will, hopefully, be shown at the Atlantic Film Festival.

How cool is this!!!

ARRIFLEX BL. Looks more like a weapon of mass destruction than a camera.

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