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This for my family. As a child I watched Island of Terror on an old black and white television along with my brothers. Now it’s one of those nostalgic memories I think of when I remember life as a boy. Great movies do that. They sit in your mind unnoticed until something reminds you of them and you can’t help but smile.

Island of Terror scared the hell out of me for years. I couldn’t walk up the basement stairs without jumping over the last two thinking a bone sucker would grab me. The night me and my brothers watched it we fought over who had to sleep closed to the edge of the bed. We were sure whoever it was would have their bones sucked out. The creatures had a long tentacle and made a sound a child could easily replicate. All we needed to torment each other with. Island of Terror has everything a horror movie needs!

It was produced in 1966 but we didn’t see it on TV until probably about 1970. It’s in color but we didnt have a color set at the time.

The movie takes place on an isolated island community. A group of researchers, seeking a cure for cancer, create a life form from a silicon atom. The creatures are eventually dubbed “silicates” (we called them bone suckers) and kill their victims by injecting a bone-dissolving enzyme into their bodies. They’re also incredibly difficult to kill and bullets do nothing.

Director: Terence Fisher
Writers: Edward Mann, Al Ramsen
Stars: Peter Cushing, Edward Judd and Carole Gray

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Part IV:

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Enjoy, and be careful of the stairs!

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