//NASA Time-Lapse from the Space Station

NASA Time-Lapse from the Space Station

The Aurora Borealis or northern lights and the...

The Aurora Borealis

Nasa has released a compilation of the best of its time-lapse photography from space in a four-minute video that zooms over the earth’s surface from the International Space Station, shot by the Expedition 30 crew who boarded in November.

The breathtaking footage captured enchanting light displays and vivid weather systems across the globe in the last five months. The pictures that we see from space are likely to improve in quality in the future after one astronaut invented a specialised camera that solved the problem of taking pictures on board the craft which moves at more than four miles a second.

Andre Kuipers recently installed ‘Nightpod’ – a motorised camera that compensates for the hurtling speeds of the ISS, by tracking points on Earth’s surface. The results are some of the most spectacular pictures ever taken from space.

More images are available here.

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