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Blogsy is an iPad blogging app that I decided to try after some frustration with the WordPress one. Nothing really wrong with the WordPress app, it just doesn’t offer much in terms of making life easy for mobile posting. The image sizing never seems to work the way i want it to and trying to post on the fly really needs to be simple.

I’m hoping Blogsy will make it easier for a couple things:

  1. I need to be able to size, position, and post images easily.
  2. I love simplicity. I want an app that is easy to use because the easier it is the more I’ll use (and the more I’ll post).

It goes without saying if the app is any good I’m using it to post this, and I am. So if I’m using it to post it goes without saying I haven’t given up on it and it hasn’t been a disappointment. The layout is nice and in no time I was writing away.

At $5.99 it was a little more than I usually pay for apps but it was worth it. I’ve only had this iPad for about a week and already it attached to me at the hip. So, my hope is I’m going to be posting more. Especially when I travel.


  • Easily drag and drop images from Flickr, Picasa and Google Image Search, or using the built-in Web browser (yes, easily drag and drop images from any website!)
  • Drag and drop videos from YouTube. (Either using the new iFrame or the old flash embed method with colors, borders and related videos.)
  • Found a good articles you want to share. Drag and drop it’s URL to instantly create a hyperlink in your blog post.. No coding required!
  • Style your blog posts with the tap of a button – bold, italics, text alignment and more.
  • Full support for multiple accounts/blogs for all supported services.
  • Easily change image and video properties and alignment through menus.
  • Write and edit HTML. Though using Blogsy’s ‘Rich Side’, you’ll probably never want to; everything from bolding text to creating links to image alignment can be done with the tap of a finger.
  • Set or create lables/tags and categories, toggle comments on and off, and set visibility.
  • Create scheduled posts, online drafts, and pending-review posts.
  • Support for local drafts.
    Edit or delete online posts.
  • Upload images from your iPad photo library to WordPress, Picasa, or Flickr.

Drag and drop photo/video support:















Hope you found this post useful. Have a favorite app? Let me know in the comments.

Have avoid one!


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