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The future is now in my house! An early birthday gift to me was a 3rd generation Apple TV and so far I have been loving it.

As is usual for almost every Apple product the set up was easy and it works like a charm. Found the wireless network, let me log in without any hassles, and, in about ten minutes, I was set up with my iTunes account, YouTube channel, Vimeo page, Flickr account, and Netflix. I can’t help but compare how easy that was to the fifteen minutes I spent last night trying to get an optical mouse to work on my daughters Windows based netbook only to have the installer say the certificate expired and that device cannot be installed. Seriously!?!

Apple TV can be controlled with the included remote or through an iPhone or iPad via WiFi. The same devices can also stream content and slideshows via the AirPlay feature. A couple simple swipes and I can look at my iPhone’s photo galleris on our 42″ screen.

Surfing through the iTunes library of music and movies is simple and believe me there is a lot there. We wanted to watch the 1962 classic To Kill A Mockingbird and after a quick search we sat back and enjoyed the movie.

Apple TV also connects with my home computer so my movie and music library can play on the TV in our living room. I can also show off my video and photo galleries.

Sounds all good I know and not everyone is an Apple fan but trust me on this one – get rid of your over priced cable subscription and all the garbage programs they peddle and buy an Apple TV. Buy a season pass and watch Mad Men commercial free! The latest releases in 1080p HD! Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo, the NHL, MBL, Wall Street Journal (ok maybe not that one), or watch the latest movie trailers.

Our last venture into life without cable was X-Box Live for $8.99/month so we could watch Netflix. Apple TV is leaps ahead of X-Box Live so far as movies and content goes and you don’t have to subscribe to anything or keep buying points.

This is one of the best birthday gifts ever! It’s hard to not keep using it and get to work on other things.

Enjoy your day.

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