//Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day

The last time I spoke to my father was on Fathers Day. It was the 17th of June, 2006. Prostate cancer was taking it’s toll and I wasnt sure he’d even be able to talk to me. I heard my mom tell him it was me on the phone. There was a muffled sound and then I heard his faint voice say hi. I wished him a happy fathers day and said that I loved him. He only managed a few seconds. His last words to me were, “I love you too Glenny.” It was short and sweet and I remember it like it was this morning. I treasure that conversation. It is one of my life’s most meaningful moments.

Mom told me later that it was the last time he had the strength to speak. My father died a few days later.

As a boy I worshipped the ground my father walked on. He was the greatest man on earth. As a man I thank him for the best parts of who I am.

Happy Fathers Day dad. You’re still my hero. If I could have one wish I’d wish for an afternoon together. Just to talk. I have so many things I want to tell you.


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