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I’m a huge sci-fi fan! Couldn’t even begin to figure out when it happened but if I was to try I’d peg it squarely on seeing Alien in a Trenton, Ontario, movie theatre in 1979. I went with my friend Dave Springer and was blown away. I loved it! The suspense, the acting, the characters, effects, everything! The alien was a masterpiece. I was 16 years old and 33 years later Alien is still ranked in my top five favorite movies of all time. Ridley Scott’s other great sci-fi Blade Runner is on that list as well.

Now I can add another Scott film – Prometheus! Prometheus is billed as a prequel to the original Alien but is not directly connected to that franchise. According to Scott, though the film shares “strands of Alien’s DNA, so to speak”, and takes place in the same universe, Prometheus explores its own mythology and ideas.

Finding that DNA wasn’t to hard. The spaceship is the same as are it’s occupants. The alien is weird as hell but you can see the connection. I also noticed that the piercing music track that accompanies the Prometheous trailer is the same one on the 1979 Alien trailer (both are below).

All in all I loved Prometheous. If you go it’s worth watching in 3D. Noomi Rapace (Elizabeth Shaw) did an amazing job. She’s one of my favorite actors so I guess it goes without saying I would think she was perfect for the role. Prometheous is true to Alien. Neither film got to wrapped up in romance or heroism. The effects are brilliant and the story believable. I was hocked from the opening scene right to the very end two hours later. It was exciting and I know I’m going to see it again soon.


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And of course here is the original Alien trailer from 1979 (note the score is the same):

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