//App Review: Posts

App Review: Posts

A new blogging app has just been released by Pico called Posts. I found out about while flipping through Flipboard. Patrick Jordan over at iPad Insight seems pretty impressed after he gave it a try. He downloaded it after reading a review by Cult of Mac author Charlie Sorrel.

Charlie writes that the app “comes as highly recommended: I wrote this entire post in it, as a first-time user, and it neither crashed, nor confused me, nor made me scream and hurl my iPad across the room. Instead, it just got out of the way and let me work, whilst occasionally delighting me. And I can’t think of better praise than that.” Sounds great to me. Patrick’s post is just as glowing.

Of course I’m using the app to write this and so far it’s great. Posting a link is a breeze. Nothing works as well as simple and Posts is as simple as it comes. A nice easy to use and understand interface sure goes a long way. I had an issue with setting it up but that was due to some of the security settings I installed on my blog after it was hacked. Once I got past that a few inputs and viola! Good to go!
Creating posts with images is also a breeze. Once you import the image you want to use it can be payed out correctly with text and resized easily. That’s a bonus for photographers on the go.
My Verdict
Posts is feature rich and costs $9.99. For the ease of use alone it’s worth the price. This is one of the easiest mobile device posts I’ve written. If you’re reading this it posted just fine.

Press Release

LISBON, Portugal—August 2, 2012—Pico today introduced Posts, a brand new blogging app for the iPad. Posts offers the best way to manage blogs on the iPad for both experienced and new users alike. Setting up existing blogs is extremely easy, as is creating a brand new one from scratch. Both the Blogger and WordPress blogging platforms are supported, including self-hosted WordPress blogs. 

Multiple blog support makes it easy to quickly check at a glance what’s going on in all the blogs that have been set up in the app. The post browser displays recent posts neatly organized by date and the built-in calendar lets the user quickly jump to a different day. Posts from all the blogs can even be displayed simultaneously alongside one another.

The built-in post editor provides easy formatting of text and very simple insertion and manipulation of images and video. An HTML editor can also be used to fine tune the source code.

Keeping up-to-date with comments posted to the blogs is easy, with the app keeping track of which ones have already been read. Moderation tasks can be performed quickly and effortless, and new comments or replies to existing comments can be quickly written and submitted to the blog.

When internet access is not available, Posts app is able to keep working in offline mode. Changes made to posts, pages or comments are kept in the Outbox and are submitted to their corresponding blogs as soon as internet connectivity is restored.

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