//This Is Not An Enbridge Animation

This Is Not An Enbridge Animation

A dazzling video has hit the Internet in response to a promotional ad by Enbridge that omitted about 1,000 kilometres of islands along B.C.’s Douglas Channel.

The Enbridge animation is supposed to illustrate the marine route for oil tankers. It’s part of promotional materials for the Northern Gateway pipeline proposal, which would see oil sands bitumen piped from northern Alberta to Kitimat on the B.C. coast, and then shipped to Asia.

A new video called “This is not an Enbridge animation” fires back at the energy giant’s erroneous campaign. It features time-lapsed panoramas of actual locations along the proposed route, including mighty Kinuseo Falls, unrippled Burns Lake and the scenic coast of Kitimat. Looks much different when it’s not presented as a cartoon.

Here’s the video:

The ad explained:

See how misleading it can be? Don’t be duped. Sign the petition here.


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