Saved by an iPhone App

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If Claire Weeks had waited another hour to call an ambulance for her 3-year-old daughter, Hollie Weeks, she likely would not have made it, doctors said.

The close call can’t just be chalked up to Week’s motherly instincts. In fact, it was an iPhone app called “Meningitis Signs and Symptoms” that led the British mother to realize just how serious her young daughter’s symptoms were. She downloaded it months before after the death of another little girl the family knew.

“I went on my iPhone symptom checker from Meningitis Trust because something just didn’t sit right. I had a feeling in my gut,” Weeks says. “I went through her symptoms — headache, vomiting and stiff neck — and they were on the app checklist so I decided I wouldn’t take a chance and called an ambulance.”

Wow! I know I Google pretty much every pain I get and am sometimes horrified by what I find. At least this had a good ending.


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