Vandalism in Halifax

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Vandalism is the behaviour attributed originally to the Vandals, by the Romans, in respect of culture: ruthless destruction or spoiling of anything beautiful or venerable. So says WikiPedia anyway. I have no idea what someone gets out of vandalism. It’s one of the most ridiculous crimes and if someone gets their kicks out of it I can’t imagine where they are in life. Pretty low.

We went for a walk yesterday in Halifax and on our way home we passed through the Public Gardens. There’s a fountain in the Gardens that has been going through a restore all summer. As we approached it we saw how beautiful it looked. What an amazing job they did and it was so nice to see it finally without the covers they had on during the process.

Victoria Jubilee Fountain

A little closer and we were approached by a TV camera crew doing a story on what some useless punk did.

Fortunately the items taken were returned this morning. Kind of makes up for it a little I guess.


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