Not me, yet!

So like most people I made a few New Year resolutions. Seeing as I turn fifty this year the biggest one was to get in shape and loose a few. Seems a little cliche to talk about getting in shape but this year is different, for me anyway. Last summer I had quite a scare with the heart stuff and that changed how I eat. This year I want take the next step and add a good workout a few times a week and some cardio.

We have a treadmill (that I never used to use) and our Bowflex just arrived from Sears. We got a great deal on it too, I think it was 50% off. $699 to the door isn’t bad for what it is.

When I weighted myself at the beginning of January I was 237. Yikes!!! My target is to be at around 200 by May 15th.

Let the fun begin!