//Shark fin soup trade

Shark fin soup trade

This is truly disgusting. I found this article this morning on Grind.TV and it depicts a trade that is completely out of control and out of touch. The Grind article is about a blog post by Hong Kong photographer Alex Hofford and his feature post A Shark Fin Roof Top in Hong Kong.

Hofford writes “The front line in the war against the shark fin trade in Hong Kong has shifted from the sidewalks to the roof tops. The theory goes that after being exposed at street level, they have now sought to move their activities out of the public eye to avoid further backlash.

Hong Kong Shark Fin Trade

Hong Kong Shark Fin Trade (Photo: Alex Hofford)

Gary Stokes of Sea Shepherd has also written about Sharks on the Roof Top.

I feel disgusted with humanity,” Hofford blogs. “These shark fins belong in the ocean, not the rooftop of an industrial building. Rhinos, elephants, tigers. Now sharks. When will it ever end?

Humanity seems so broken.

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  1. Jenn January 6, 2013 at 1:33 pm

    That is so disgusting!!! What’s wrong with people?

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