//Keeping your device charged in a storm

Keeping your device charged in a storm



NEMO could have been much worse. Thankfully we here in Halifax didn’t get hit like they did down in Boston but it was still a mess. Like many parts of the country affected by the winter dump thousands of people lost their power, some for hours, some for days.

So if that happened to you what could you do to stay connected? If you’re like us you have no landline. We haven’t had one in years. So how would we be able to connect? Assuming of course the cell towers had some system built in to keep them running so we could connect. If they don’t you’ll be stuck playing Angry Birds.

Here are ten ways to save your device’s battery life:

Mophie Juice Pack

Mophie Juice Pack

  1. When the storm starts keep your device plugged in so it’s fully charged if the power goes out.
  2. Turn down the screen brightness to the lowest setting you can tolerate. A bright screen is one of the biggest drains on your devices battery.
  3. Don’t keep checking it. Put it on a table and leave it alone. If it’s in your hand or pocket you’ll be tempted to keep seeing if you have new messages, mail, or calls. Every time you do you drain that battery a little more. If you have a battery-powered radio use it to get your news updates rather than taxing your phone battery.
  4. Turn off Bluetooth. Transmitting data wirelessly hits the battery and leaving Bluetooth on to accept incoming data at takes juice. While you’re at it turn off your wi-fi too. Chances are during a power outage it won’t be working anyway.
  5. If possible turn Off 3G/4G/LTE. It’s tough to go slower, but if you need more battery, turn them off and just use the older, slower network. Your battery will thank you for it.
  6. Turn off all the location services. Like any service that sends data over a network it needs battery power to work and the more items that use it the worse it will be.
  7. Turn off data push. An iPhone can be set to automatically download new email and other data whenever new data becomes available and in doing so it takes away valuable battery life.
  8. Don’t call, text. Text messages use much less network capacity and they don’t use much battery power as voice calls.
  9. Using Facebook and Twitter can be tempting, but try to keep usage brief and use the phone’s apps rather than web browsers. That will minimize network use and battery drain.
  10. Turn off sound effects, vibration, and the volume. Simple things can go a long way.

If all else fails and your battery dies here are some options you can go with. Of course nothing beats planning ahead so think ahead the next time your in a tech store.

  1. Use your car to recharge your device. It might take awhile so be careful and do it in a well ventilated area. NOT YOUR GARAGE!
  2. Buy a Mophie Juice Pack. These can charge virtually any two USB devices simultaneously using dual charging ports. I’ve seen some similar things that use batteries but I can’t speak for how well they work.
  3. Go for a drive once the plows are done or walk if you can and look for an open coffee shop. Just because your neighbourhood is without power it doesn’t mean the next one is.
  4. Pick up a solar power charger. There are lots to choose from and the price has come way down in recent years.Buy one and put it away somewhere. It could come in very handy.

Anything I missed? Please leave a comment and let me know.

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