//Halifax on the map

Halifax on the map

Butt Map

Butt Map

Google maps has caught some interesting things with their earth roaming truck mounted cameras. Shipwrecks, robberies, missing aircraft, pollution, etc. It’s caught some sad imagery as well.

One such image from Detroit, a city with high crime and unemployment rates, a group of young men stand ominously on the porch, one clutching what appears to be a shotgun.

The Google truck was at Brinker and Robinwood in Detroit when the camera captured the young people with the weapon. The gun holder appears to follow the driver with the weapon — and points it at the truck in the final shot. Not the best image for a city already known for it’s crime.

Now Halifax joins Detroit in the Google maps shame fest. Well, it’s not quite as bad a someone with a gun but it stinks nonetheless. Two kids on Harvard St. pull off a classic move and moon the mobile cam as it passes. Something I bet we all wish we had the parts to do.

I’m sure the censors will blur the image before long.

Halifax Moon

Halifax Moon

Here’s the image from Detroit along with some other infamous cam captures:

Google Maps

Google Maps

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  1. Jim W March 15, 2013 at 10:38 am

    hahahahahaahaaaaa…. keep it classy Halifax!

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