//Ordered my quadcopter

Ordered my quadcopter

Just placed an order for the ArduCopter 3DR-C Quad from Canada Drones. I went with this design for a couple reasons: 1) it’s a DIY kit, and 2) the Arducopter comes with a great deal of user support. It’s a true DIY quad and I’m looking forward to getting it set up.

The costs were $510 for the kit, $80 HST, and $28.69 for shipping. A grand total of $619.49.

I gave a lot of thought to the DJI Phantom but in the end I’m doing this for the experience of building and flying my own quadcopter. Plus I like the idea of having a vehicle I can customize and build on in the future.

It comes with everything I need to get started including:

  • 3DR ArduCopter Quad-C Frame
  • 2 Fiberglass Main frame boards
  • 5 Aluminum arms, 3 black arms and 2 blue arms
  • 2 Fiberglass Carrier boards
  • Fiberglass Landing gear
  • Power distribution board, power cables and signal cables for PDB-APM
  • All hardware needed to assemble the components above
  • 4 Motors 850Kv
  • 4 20A ESCs
  • 4 Propellers 10X45
  • ArduPilot Mega 2 (APM2.5)

Once I have it put together it should (hopefully) look something like this:

ArduCopter 3DR-C Quad

ArduCopter 3DR-C Quad

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