Parrot A.R. Drone

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 Going along with my last post about flying/crashing/crying over drones, I made an investment and bought the Parrot A.R. Drone. Amazon had the best price I could find so I ordered it Wednesday morning and it arrived Thursday morning. Not bad for shipping!

Knowing it was coming I kept refreshing the UPS web site until it said “Delivered – On Porch.” Excellent!
Then I thought to myself, “On porch! My neighbourhood is safe but…. on the porch?” So the clock watching started until my lunch hour came and I headed home to check it out. And that hour was a real tease too. This thing is cool! It needed to be charged before I could test fly it so I plugged in the battery, had some chilli, and headed back to work so I could brag about it.
I didn’t have much time last night to test fly the Drone but I did managed to do two things: 
1. Get it off the ground and hover it in our living room, and 
2. Find out my dog really hates it. He really hates it!
So it’s sitting now on our dining room table until I have some time. Probably tomorrow I’ll start flying and get a review post started. 
My initial thought’s are good. This all be a great trainer for the drone I want to make.



  1. I love my A.R. Drone. You know you can play online games with it too? There’s lots of YouTube channels for it too.

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