Serbian Domestic Abuse Video Goes Viral

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A heart-wrenching video showing a young woman’s escalating injuries from abuse has gone viral after being posted on reddit.

The video’s Serbian title translates to “One photo a day in the worst year of my life” and is a shocking twist on the popular one-photo-per-day video style we’ve seen before.


  1. Any person who can conflict that kind of pain and abuse on another human or animal is not correct in their mind, they should either be put behind bars, put to death or seek extensive help!!!! This is disturbing to watch and a disgrace to the human species, I hate when I see things like this and it makes me wonder what is really happening to people behind closed doors, the day will come when every human alive regrets hurting eachother and taking our life now as we know it for granted, mark my words, something or somebody else is watching all our actions as a species!!!!!!!

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