People are saying there are already laws that cover what happened to our daughter Rehtaeh. For sexual assault that’s true. But there is something else that happened that our current laws do not cover.

Rehtaeh went through much of what she did because a photograph of her was taken with a cellphone during the sexual assault. I haven’t seen that picture and I never want too. It was a violation of her trust and it dehumanized her.

That photo was sent, device to device, with the sole intent to humiliate her. Someone thought it would be funny. It was posted on Facebook and she was tagged in it. Emotionally it killed her.

People are saying there are laws that cover this but they are wrong. What that person did to her is not illegal. We were told it was a “community issue,” not a police one. We don’t even know what that means other than doing this ugliness to our child was legal. It’s impossible for me to get my head around that.

So yes, we are asking for a new law. A law that can protect our children from having their lives destroyed so a few sick individuals can get their kicks.

Our children deserve that much.