//Am I a cyberbully?

Am I a cyberbully?

The words are sad. Glen Canning, a cyberbully.

It doesn’t seem to fit given everything I’ve gone through and fought for. But there they were, shouting out as the title of a YouTube video, “Is Glenn (sic) Canning Bullying His Critics?” Could I have gone too far? Did my anger get the better of me?

I don’t want to name the men in the video. They’d love the attention and publicity and frankly they deserve neither. Writing about trolls feeds the sickness they crave and only encourages their hatred.

I’m not sure how it started or why and I doubt it matters now. I responded and they loved me for it. Look everyone – Glen Canning is pissed off and threatening people. He’s lashing out and “using Anonymous to censor his critics.” As the video claims, I’m, “…behind a campaign of cyber-trolling which includes impersonating (him) on Facebook, threatening e-mails, and phone calls.”

It’s a weird twist on “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” catchphrase. Or, better put, misery loves company. On the one hand there’s a men’s rights activist (MRA) who hates me because I’m standing up for my daughter and I speak out against rape culture; on the other hand you have an asshole. A perfect storm of idiocy.

The asshole writes almost daily about me and has for more than a year. Why? No idea. I do think his posts reveal a man more worthy of sympathy then condemnation. He’s obviously not right in the head.

That could only mean one thing – he’s perfect for the men’s movement. The intro to the video says it much better than I: “he uses words like faggot, …injin, …n**ger, …slut” etc but that’s not what they’re going to talk about. They’re going to talk about how Glen Canning fought back against a man so disgusting he actually claimed I molested and murdered Rehtaeh. His latest post “Good Thing Rehtaeh is dead, eh Glen” warrants no claim of bullying from the MRA but if I tried to have it removed – cyberbully.

Misery loves company. I can’t imagine being so down on life this is what I’d resort to. And I have some good reasons to be down on life.

To confess I did contact the guys wife. Once on Facebook to ask her to talk to him and please try to get him to stop. She deleted the message and blocked me. He wrote about it and said she fully supports all his views and what he says about Rehtaeh. So, rather than take his word for it I called her and told her I’m doing a story about her husband. That’s as far as I got before she hung up. Was that too far? Maybe. It feed numerous stories on his blog about harassment. The irony!

I’ve written about these lying bums before, you probably can figure out who they are but if you can’t, ask.

It’s hard not to rent space in my head to people like this but I do what I can.

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  1. Jamie N. May 30, 2014 at 1:37 pm

    “Permanence, perseverance and persistence in spite of all obstacles, discouragement, and impossibilities: It is this, that in all things distinguishes the strong soul from the weak” – Thomas Carlyle

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