[su_box title=”HALIFAX” style=”noise” box_color=”#006699″]A provincial court judge in Halifax has cited a mandatory publication ban in reference to a prominent child pornography case that had made national headlines. The mandatory ban referred to prohibits the identification of the alleged victim.

The name of the girl, who is deceased, has been previously widely reported but Judge Jamie Campbell noted the mandatory ban on identification during a hearing Wednesday. The judge said he expected this would create “considerable difficulties” for media.

The publication ban cited comes under Section 486 of the Criminal Code, which prevents the naming of alleged victims in some cases.[/su_box]

I made an application to the court this morning to have the publication ban lifted. Both Rehtaeh’s mother and I are of the opinion that a move to protect Rehtaeh comes far to late and only serves to highlight the many missed opportunities to do so while she was alive. A publication ban may be well intended but makes no difference at this point.

It was upsetting yesterday to read over articles mentioning Rehtaeh and then see them disappear as the day progressed. It felt like she was being erased.